Saturday, November 21, 2009

Muses and Such...

Drinking green tea with lots of honey in hopes of assuaging this cough...

I just went outside to indulge in the horrible habit. I was just standing there outside the front door, indulging, when I saw her. Seriously. She came out of the duplex next door and down the steps there, into the shared parking lot. Barefoot. Wearing a short, kelly green nightie. She was tall, and not at all waifish. I'm not sure if the red of her smooth bob was her real color, but it did "go" with her milky skin.

She went to the car, then back inside, then came back to the car and drove away. Barefoot. In a pretty green nightie. I've never seen her before, and the car wasn't familiar. She must be friends with the couple next door. I don't know.

But she was Carrie.

You know, Carrie from the story that's been rattling around in my head for a couple of weeks now.

This really just happened. Now I have to write this story down. Because I just saw one of the main characters in my parking lot.

I love green tea.

And one day soon the horrible habit will be gone from me.

Just not today.

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Anonymous said...

you are so creative. wish I was more right-brained.

I miss you!