Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guilty Pleasures #1

I has them.

You know what I mean. It's those little obsessions, those things that make you catch yourself at enjoying them perhaps a hair too much. You do enjoy them, though... and maybe the guilty aspect makes them just a tad sweeter.

I have enjoyed True Blood from the get-go, but I didn't really sign up for a team until I saw this scene...

Yes, this one pushed me over the line to full on Team Eric captain status. Of course, there were other things that lead up to my downfall, but those were the stairs that lead to the tenth floor. This scene with the Queen and the Yahtzee... this scene is the ledge from which I jumped.

Eric is a baddie, no doubt, but sometimes he's just so subtly, so ridiculously funny that I can't resist him. He's haunted, interesting, a tad clumsy, and he highlights his hair... Mildly Spike-alicious and all kinds of yes!

I think it helps that I always watch True Blood alone. No one else around here cares for it, so I get to warp what I see to suit my own twisted sense of humor. Also adding to the guilty of it all is the fact that I'm talking strictly about the t.v. show here. Eric Northman as portrayed by Alexander Skarsgard. I enjoy Charlaine Harris' novels, but this little pleasure is all about what I can see moving on the screen, all by myself with my cackling little fumbling wannabe dark-side hanging out.

Yes, it's wrong... So?

Have you joined a team yet?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Team Eric... yup

Just a little preview for my next post, which is all about guilty pleasures...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Babblings...

Tempted (front)
Mixed media on scrap wood.

I love book blogs. I really do. I follow them and enjoy them even when I don't agree with everything I'm reading. I like reviews and contests and author interviews... all of it. I even enjoy lusting after the giant stacks of stuff that bloggers get "in their mailboxes."

I thought very seriously about buckling down and changing this blog into a straight up book blog. Very seriously. I even tried to come up with a cat themed rating system for my reviews. I hemmed and hawed. I worked long shifts and neglected to blog about much at all. I fiddled with the template. I told myself that I was going to sit down today, dammit, and start writing reviews.

See, though, this is my brick wall. My brain does not want to write reviews. My brain wants to read books, yes, but it also realizes that what bugs the hell out of me might make someone else slap five blinging stars on a book. My brain does not want to be a critic... though it doesn't seem to mind being a cheerleader now and then.

I've decided to let my brain off the hook. It gets to read what it wants, and maybe sometimes rave about books it likes. If it really needs to point out something critical, it is allowed to do so on Shelfari or Goodreads... If it feels like it.

I'll still read book blogs, and enjoy them and link to them here. I still want to save Amanda Feral. I still want to throw up an occasional contest post, be it my own or a little plug for someone else's. I also want to talk about books... I think I just needed to give myself permission to be more casual about it.

Of course, I'll still be putting up my silly little paintings and projects as they occur. I started this blog to make a place for them. This is where they live.

And I'll still share videos that I love. I tried to talk myself out of that one, but I feel that people just don't get enough exposure to brilliant red heads playing piano. (This does make up about eighty percent of my youtube favorites, I've recently realized. How odd is it, catching yourself in a pattern like that?)

So... I have rambled long enough for one post, I think. Thank you for being there while I justify myself to... myself. And to anyone else who happens to be around.

Tempted (back)

The song for today is Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat. Performed by Tori Amos.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Wasn't Kind...

...but March has been a real bitch already.

I do miss blogging, though, so here's an unfinished painting!

Charlene 1
Mixed media on canvas.

And just because I can't seem to get enough of him these days...