Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guilty Pleasures #1

I has them.

You know what I mean. It's those little obsessions, those things that make you catch yourself at enjoying them perhaps a hair too much. You do enjoy them, though... and maybe the guilty aspect makes them just a tad sweeter.

I have enjoyed True Blood from the get-go, but I didn't really sign up for a team until I saw this scene...

Yes, this one pushed me over the line to full on Team Eric captain status. Of course, there were other things that lead up to my downfall, but those were the stairs that lead to the tenth floor. This scene with the Queen and the Yahtzee... this scene is the ledge from which I jumped.

Eric is a baddie, no doubt, but sometimes he's just so subtly, so ridiculously funny that I can't resist him. He's haunted, interesting, a tad clumsy, and he highlights his hair... Mildly Spike-alicious and all kinds of yes!

I think it helps that I always watch True Blood alone. No one else around here cares for it, so I get to warp what I see to suit my own twisted sense of humor. Also adding to the guilty of it all is the fact that I'm talking strictly about the t.v. show here. Eric Northman as portrayed by Alexander Skarsgard. I enjoy Charlaine Harris' novels, but this little pleasure is all about what I can see moving on the screen, all by myself with my cackling little fumbling wannabe dark-side hanging out.

Yes, it's wrong... So?

Have you joined a team yet?


Karen said...

The "blood in my hair" scene was the BEST! Even my husband joined team Eric on that one. Too funny.
Bill is OK but I like a little "bad" in my boys :-)& I love me some snark - which Eric has both in the books and the show!Love Pam too although she's not in the series as much as the books.

kittyism said...

I agree completely on the snark and the Pam love!