Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Sunday What?

What is the Sunday Rah?

I mentioned in a previous post that I really can’t seem to make myself write reviews for books because I don’t want to be a critic and because, well, I’m always torn over one thing or another... I fear that with an actual attempt at a review I would probably just ramble on for far too long, most likely arguing with myself.

I also mentioned that while I don’t necessarily feel comfortable reviewing, I sometimes feel the need to pull out the stringy old black pompoms and cheer for books that have moved me. Books that haunt me, stir me up, touch my nostalgia button, or even piss me off in an effective way all fit into this category, motivating me to step forth and shake my dusty cobwebs.

The Sunday Rah is my way of sharing those books with you without having to go through telling you that this is just my opinion, and is probably highly personal. It is also my way to throw out a bit of a plug as a thank you to the authors who have stirred my emotions.


Lisa K. said...

I love this idea, Kitty, and I'm in desperate need of some great book recommendations, so I'll be staying tuned.

kittyism said...

Thanks Lisa! Erm... also feel free to slide a few recs my way. Recs are always welcome here. :)