Tuesday, November 4, 2008

*stirs from sugar coma...*

Oh, kitty, grow up.

Have I mentioned that I need a haircut? Badly.

No art to show today. It has just been difficult to get time alone with the computer for the past couple of days. Hopefully tomorrow... I had to insist upon time to post here today.

I have been working on my Empress card for the Suzi Blu project... (By "working" I mean, well, there's gesso down.) I hope to have it done by Friday, but if not, I'll just get it done when I can.

I have a good idea for her. I'm curious to see what I actually end up with.

Here's a baby picture of Mr. Oliver Squeakers. Just because. Doesn't he look ferocious?


artistikitty said...

Hey Kitty. Are you the Empress or is that just one that appealed to you creatively? I'm the Empress archetype. Not sure if that's what I'll do. See I don't even have Gesso down. I don't even have a definite plan yet. yikes.

kittyism said...

Hey AKitty! I'm a 3, the Empress. That's why I went for that one. I also got an idea seedling when I realized this, and that helped. I'm not near as definite and prolific as many of the artists in Suzi's groups, and sometimes I let that slow me down even more... but, you know, I just like to draw and paint. Even if I'm slow. Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way. Big hugs!

Brett said...

Coma is a extended period of unconscious stage, more specifically speaking coma is profound unconscious stage. The affected patient dont show any response to stimuli such as light, pain etc.

kittyism said...

Apologies, Brett, if I offended. No harm intended.