Monday, November 3, 2008

Well, today the financial pinch of cut back hours at work, and the physical pinch of my clothes on my compulsively over-eating body didn't stop me from buying... a whole, whole bunch of heavily reduced Halloween candy. I now have quite the little stockpile. Enough to last well into spring.

I also have a new blue wig and Pussyfoot pajamas and a little Ty "Fraidy Cat" and, for ze reading, Steven King's Duma Key.

All set for hibernating. I wish I could hibernate. Well, not the sleeping so much... I just want to hole up with the lovelies and paint and read and write and snuggle and such for a few months.

The Lovelies:

Actually, I think we'll just snuggle up on the futon and read a couple of chapters. Wow. I find myself looking forward to that.

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