Saturday, April 16, 2011

try not to think

Someone told me that clear nail polish is going to cure me of this bump on my right index finger. I guess it’s a wart. It has been there for a while, small but obvious to me. Now it is glossy. I’m trying the clear polish thing. Maybe it will work, if I remember to keep trying. Maybe I’ll just have a shiny wart. Who knows? I’ve never had a wart before.

Sort of makes me want to paint myself green and cackle, but I think that would get old after the first couple of minutes.

Sometimes it’s difficult to obsess over unimportant things. You have to work at slapping back the big juicy reality things that want to ooze all over the frivolity. Occasionally, it helps to make a list.

  1. Polish toenails. It’s spring already, and you already dug out the polish for your wart.
  2. Read that book over there. You’ve already established that it doesn’t really speak to you. Maybe if you read it you’ll have a better understanding of what you do not like.
  3. Call up someone and bitch about the rain.
  4. Gesso something. That way it’ll be ready.
  5. Tidy the stack of things already covered in gesso. Inventory.
  6. Smoke, while thinking about whether or not it’s time to stop smoking. Pick a date and time to stop smoking.
  7. Consider that it might be easier to polish your toenails if you lost a few pounds. You haven’t picked a color yet, anyway.
  8. If you gesso over the pages of that book, it might make a good art journal. Why are you so appalled by the notion of gesso-ing over someone else’s words?
  9. Blow your nose again. You’re breathing too loud.
  10. Stare at your shiny wart.

What do you do when you can’t fix a tragedy?

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