Sunday, June 26, 2011

the bit that I actually wrote yesterday...

So, the universe said, “How about a little reminder that most of your complaints are pretty trivial?”

To which I replied, “Um, no thanks, I’m full.”

“No really, I insist. I’d really like for you to try this one on. I’m calling it carbonated stomach virus.


Seriously? You share too much.

Yes, I do.

So, yeah, more grumbling and groaning than art-ing this week. Add to that crazy, non productive insomnia.

Oh, waaah.

I know, I know.

Anyway, it’s a bit better today, if not completely gone. My body is still hesitant to even look at food that might be considered in the least bit interesting. Yesterday my rebel brain  talked it into a cola Icee and a Hershey’s Air Delight bar. They’re still not on speaking terms, but at least they’re not shouting about it right this minute.

The taste buds, see, are siding with the brain. They yearn to be entertained.

So, I did start a journal page last night. Feeling a bit uncertain of it, as of probably the halfway mark, but not so much that I feel the urge to abandon it. I’m trying to talk myself into posting an “in progress” shot. I don’t think I’ve done that before, and it is a bit daunting to me.

It feels a bit like serving up cake batter for dessert.

What’s with all the sweets, fatty?

You honestly think that “fatty” is going to derail me for long at this point in my life? Wrinkles in the rug, SLB.  Getting flatter with every step.

So, yes, I’ll probably have a progress shot up either today or tomorrow. I’ll do it as soon as I can get to my bff’s house to scan it.

But what if you finish it before you can get over there?

It might end up being a completed page. Still, the seed has been planted and progress shots will come when they will come.

I tend to get lost in the journey on these pages I’ve been doing lately, so I’m interested in seeing a little record of it myself.

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